The Jim Bailey Award Comittee

The Jim Bailey Award Committee met to discuss the award for 2019.

More details will be posted soon, but be thinking about people to nominate for this
award. The award is for a member making significant contribution to amateur radio in
the WMSBG area. Nominations need to be sent to any committee member by email or
written letter and include the name and a reason or justification for the award.

Committee members include Bill, NR4C, Ed, K1NUH, John, AI4QQ, Chris, KC4CMR, and Dave, AJ4XV. 



October WAARC Hour of Power and Meeting news

During the October club HOP (Hour of Power) session, Michael, K4MRO, gave a presentation and demonstration of Digital hand held voice operation and talked about some of the many versions of this technology. Jim, AF4QG, used his mobile radio to provide a contact for Michael during the demonstration.

And during the monthly club meeting, Wally, WA3RWP, presented Kerry, NH2A, with his ARRL Instructor Certificate and Patch for his work teaching the General Course.

Our meeting program was presented by Bill, NR4C, on his repair work on Astron power supplies.

K4MRO discusses Digital voice operation

WA3RWP presents certificate and patch to NH2A

Amateur Radio License testing session October 20

Our October VE license testing Session will be held on Saturday October 20, 2018 at The James City Bruton Fire station, 3135 Forge Road, Toano VA 23168 starting at 10 am. (see map below). All candidates and VE’s should park in the large parking lot in the back of the Station rather than in the front parking lot.

All those who wish to either upgrade your current license or take the exam for the first time are welcome. The cost is still $15. The amount can be paid by check (made out to the ARRL VEC) and of course cash is always taken.

Candidates who already have a valid license should bring:
a photo ID, your current official copy of your license or CSCE and a copy of that license or CSCE which must be turned in as well as either your social security number or your FCC/FRN registration number (which is on your license).

Those who do not have a license should bring: a photo ID and either your social security number or FCC/FRN registration number.

The SS number or FCC/FRN number must be provided on Form 605 and provided to the ARRL and the FCC. (A copy of your SS card is not needed)

Calculators are allowed and we will provide scrap paper if needed, however, cell phones are not allowed to be used since they can store information. Candidates may take 1 or more of the elements within the cost of the same $15. However, if a candidate fails an element and wishes to retake it, the cost will be an additional $15. If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail here on the reflector, at e-mail: or call/or text  at 757 585 0375 .  W4NYY.

WAARC General License Class started

WAARC began its FCC General Class upgrade course on Monday September 17th and runs through October 18th.
Club Training Coordinator Wally Frank WA3RWP greets the class.

The club was fortunate to be offered the classroom facility at the James/Bruton Volunteer Fire Station in Toano.  The room was coordinated by Michael Powers KN4KXO, a member of the club’s 2018 Technician licensing class.  The class gathers twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and the club VE exam session will conclude just in time for the October 20th VE session.  Note: the exam session is open to anyone wanting to take one or more exams and will be conducted at the same facility.
Six of the seven members of the class are graduates of the Technician class presented earlier this year.  Instructors for the class include Wally WA3RWP, Kerry NH2A, Marcus WB5LFS and Dino KL0S.

Bruce, AD4IT does service for Lions

A recent The Virginia Gazette Community News article shows WAARC member Bruce Young AD4IT, also a member of the Wiliamsburg Host Lions Club, helping deliver over 800 pairs of eyeglasses to a local recycling center: 


From the Lions Club eyeglasses recycling program page: “Throughout the year, Lions, Leos and other volunteers collect used eyeglasses and deliver them to regional Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers (LERCs). LERC volunteers clean, sort by prescription strength and package the glasses. Recycled glasses are distributed to people in need in low and middle income communities where they will have the greatest impact.” (

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WAARC Builders Group Reminder

The Club’s Builders Group begins its fall sessions on Saturday September 15th beginning at 10:00 a.m. at the KL0S/KL0SS QTH.  For new club members the Builders Group is a great way to improve your homebrew/kit-building skills.  Group members experience levels have ranged from absolute beginner to expert.  We have a couple of “mentors” who are there to assist everyone and my workbench is available for any testing you may need above and beyond the test equipment you bring along with you.  Sessions are “BYOT” – bring your own tools; we provide tables, chairs, lighting, power and refreshments here in a conditioned garage space.  The group normally gets together for breakfast at Victoria’s restaurant since it’s closest to the site.  Builders Group sessions begin at 10:00 a.m. and normally run thru the early afternoon.  You can see an article describing how our Builders Group began in the February 2015 issue of QST (“A Ham Radio Maker Space”) here on the club web site (

Local PVRC chapter Annual Awards

The Colonial Capital Chapter of the Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC) held its Annual Awards Dinner on Wednesday evening at Victoria’s on John Tyler highway. Ted (W3TB), Rob (KK4R), Chuck (AI4WU), and Bill (NR4C) received Progress Endorsements toward their Five-Meg  awards. Will (K4MI) received a Bronze medal for participation in the Olympics last year and Rob (KK4R) received a Silver medal as well.

Highlight of the evening was Chapter chairman Bill (NR4C) presenting Will (K4MI) with the coveted Five-Meg Plaque. This award is recognition of accumulating five million points in contests.

K4MRO’s New Mobile Antenna System

WAARC member Michael K4MRO recently replaced a inefficient magnet-mount antenna on his van with a Diamond CR627 Tri-Band (6m/2m/440MHz) system. The adjustable Comet RS720 Trunk Mount and the fold-over antenna allow him to bring the van into his garage (don’t forget to fold it over!).

Recognition award for K4MRO

WAARC President Dino Papas KL0S (right) presents an award to Michael Olds K4MRO in recognition of his effort in designing our new club logo as well as coordinating the manufacture of the embroidered patch to go along with it.  The letter of appreciation thanks Michael and presents him with the very first patch to be issued to a member of the club.  Present and future club members will receive one free patch to wear proudly on their vest or jacket; additional patches will be made available to members for $5 to help defray the initial cost of production.  Other products displaying the logo are being considered as well.

Michael Olds K4MRO displays the club’s letter of appreciation and patch presented to him in recognition of his efforts.

NR4C has a new test bench


September 1, 2018> Over the past year, Bill (NR4C) and Will (K4MI) have been working to clean-up and organize Bill’s radio room. Previously it was really a “shack” with stuff everywhere. The room suffered from s severe case of FTS (Flat Top Syndrome) in which any flat surface gathers anything that will lie still. This includes tables, chairs, and floor!

During the last winter, Bill suffered renal Failure and was not able to do a whole lot of lifting and carrying. Will offered to help and became Bill’s arms and legs. Together, they threw away seemingly tons of trash, boxes and ‘junk’ and re-arranged the furniture to make some room to operate.

During the summer, Kerry (NH2A) offered to build some shelf units that would allow the test equipment to be better utilized. These were delivered in early August and Bill proceeded to prime and paint them. Finally, on
September 1st, Chuck(AI4WU) stopped by and helped put the last shelf unit in place and arrange the equipment. there is still a bit of fine tuning to be done, but the major work is done.

A side benefit of this action was to use the older shelf for a bit more organization on the “Building Bench” across the room. The radio bench is still a “work in progress” but Bill is hopeful that this will be accomplished before the end of the year.


Here you can see the line-up of gear. This is certainly not the low- cost bench of Dino’s recent meeting program, but it is not the match for Dino’s bench either. But it does offer some nice items and a few unique items such as the RF Power Meter in upper right and the DC LOAD at bottom left. The inset photo of the new Weller WE1010 soldering station provides a temp controlled station on both benches.

Below, is a view of the Building Bench with shelf unit and the infamous WAARC Circuit Board Holder.


…bill nr4c