Thanks to Treasurer Ted, W3TB

Longtime WAARC Treasurer Ted Edwards W3TB is presented a letter of appreciation by club president Dino Papas KL0S acknowledging his six years of service to the club. Ted and XYL Carol will be “TAD” for a while helping out with grandchildren. Greg Pula K3RM was elected interim Treasurer at the October meeting and has agreed to be nominated for the position during the upcoming January 2019 Annual meeting officer elections.



Troubleshooting doesn’t always go well

Unfortunately not all repair work at the bench is successful.  Recently after several hours of troubleshooting and head scratching Chuck AI4WU and Dino KL0S finally had to relinquish Ed K1NUH’s Yaesu HF rig power supply to a higher authority.  But don’t feel bad for Ed, the demise of his power supply may have finally put him over the edge to buy himself a shiny new radio!  Actually, there was other good news at the bench that day as Chris KC4CMR and Chuck AI4WU were able to repair a piece of audio equipment used at the WMBG transmitter before Ed’s supply was deemed to be unrepairable at our level.  Ed is really smiling inside!

Antenna launch equipment

Club members inspected Dave N4MW’s new industrial strength antenna support system launcher. The group made a test shot using a potato right there in the Anna’s Brick Oven Restaurant parking lot…this launcher should be able to throw a line over the tallest tree a ham might use as a support!

November club meeting news

News from Dino, KL0S: During the November WAARC meeting, Wally Frank, WA3RWP, received his WAARC Historic Triangle Certificate from club QSL Manager Toby KL0SS. The certificate is issued to those hams who have contacted each of the club’s three HF special event stations commemorating Colonial Williamsburg, the Yorktown Battlefield
and Jamestown Island.

Ted Edwards, W3TB, presented his Off Center Fed (OCF) Dipole antenna design and DX orientation considerations at the November 2018 club meeting.


Yorktown 2018 event report

The day looked dismal, cold and overcast with high chance of rain. Chuck, Ed and Bill arrived shortly after 7:30 AM and began to setup the station. The first task, set up a shelter to go to if it started to rain! Once this was accomplished, Bill preceded to set up the radio and computer. This went smoothly as he had done this a “few” times before.

In the mean time, Ed and Chuck began putting the antenna ropes in the trees. This went according to plan and Chuck was pleased that his new real worked well. They soon had ropes up and began unreeling the antenna, which was a bit confusing since the last time it was used, it was wound on the reel backwards, but this was quickly overcome. For future ref, this antenna should be wound onto the reel, long end on first, short end + twin-lead out. About this time. Dave Shantz and Bill Smith arrived. The batteries were dragged over and we began to get the station ready to operate.

About 9:45, Bill sat down at the radio with Big Ed on the computer and we got on the air. We made a total of 178 contacts over 6 hours and forty-seven minutes of on time. We were visited by a few passers-by including a woman about my age who, in the 1950’s was the youngest YL licensed in Florida. Again we locked on a 40 meter frequency and held it all day long.

This same weekend was Boy Scouts Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) and we did work a number of scout events allowing Boy Scouts to get on the air and chat with us for a few minutes each. We also had a lot of visitors from the NY QSO Party.

We had a great day on this event this year, even with the rain and dampness. During the day, other club members dropped by to help out or just to chat.. Operators* were Bill NR4C, Dave AJ4XV, Chuck AI4WU, Ed K1NUH, Will K4MI, John AI4QQ and Rob KK4R. Several sat in the logger chair including: Ed K1NUH, Dave AJ4XV, Bill WA4LMG, Chuck AI4WU, John AI4QQ.

*(we did a terrible job of keeping the log updated with operator calls! If I missed anyone, it was not intentional and I apologize,)

Visitors included Michael K4MRO/AG, Kerry NH2A and Anita KH2FX, Jay KN4KXK/AG (note the two, fresh from the exam, sparkling new Generals). And, Jay didn’t come empty handed, she brought fresh baked “Sticky” Buns for us to enjoy, Jay certainly ranks right up there with Mrs. Kelly (Field Day Cookies) for a “WAARC BAKING MERIT BADGE”!

*TOP Picture shows Dave logging, Rob on the radio and Jay looking on taking everything in.. Jay just passed her General exam and was full of questions.

*BOTTOM Picture has Bill Smith, Will and Chuck in our second shelter having just enjoyed one of Jay’s “Sticky” Buns,

…bill. NR4C

General License Class VE session

The WAARC General License upgrade class concluded with the club’s VE exam session on October 20th.  Students and instructors gathered following the test session where all five candidates upgraded their licenses from Technician to General Class.  Hams upgrading include Jaylene KN4KXK, Francine KN4KXI, Michael K4MRO, Greg KN4KYJ and Toby KL0SS.  The instructor team was was led by club Training Coordinator Wally WA3RWP who was assisted by Kerry NH2A, Ted W3TB and Dino KL0S.

The Jim Bailey Award Comittee

The Jim Bailey Award Committee met to discuss the award for 2019.

More details will be posted soon, but be thinking about people to nominate for this
award. The award is for a member making significant contribution to amateur radio in
the WMSBG area. Nominations need to be sent to any committee member by email or
written letter and include the name and a reason or justification for the award.

Committee members include Bill, NR4C, Ed, K1NUH, John, AI4QQ, Chris, KC4CMR, and Dave, AJ4XV. 



October WAARC Hour of Power and Meeting news

During the October club HOP (Hour of Power) session, Michael, K4MRO, gave a presentation and demonstration of Digital hand held voice operation and talked about some of the many versions of this technology. Jim, AF4QG, used his mobile radio to provide a contact for Michael during the demonstration.

And during the monthly club meeting, Wally, WA3RWP, presented Kerry, NH2A, with his ARRL Instructor Certificate and Patch for his work teaching the General Course.

Our meeting program was presented by Bill, NR4C, on his repair work on Astron power supplies.

K4MRO discusses Digital voice operation

WA3RWP presents certificate and patch to NH2A

Amateur Radio License testing session October 20

Our October VE license testing Session will be held on Saturday October 20, 2018 at The James City Bruton Fire station, 3135 Forge Road, Toano VA 23168 starting at 10 am. (see map below). All candidates and VE’s should park in the large parking lot in the back of the Station rather than in the front parking lot.

All those who wish to either upgrade your current license or take the exam for the first time are welcome. The cost is still $15. The amount can be paid by check (made out to the ARRL VEC) and of course cash is always taken.

Candidates who already have a valid license should bring:
a photo ID, your current official copy of your license or CSCE and a copy of that license or CSCE which must be turned in as well as either your social security number or your FCC/FRN registration number (which is on your license).

Those who do not have a license should bring: a photo ID and either your social security number or FCC/FRN registration number.

The SS number or FCC/FRN number must be provided on Form 605 and provided to the ARRL and the FCC. (A copy of your SS card is not needed)

Calculators are allowed and we will provide scrap paper if needed, however, cell phones are not allowed to be used since they can store information. Candidates may take 1 or more of the elements within the cost of the same $15. However, if a candidate fails an element and wishes to retake it, the cost will be an additional $15. If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail here on the reflector, at e-mail: or call/or text  at 757 585 0375 .  W4NYY.

WAARC General License Class started

WAARC began its FCC General Class upgrade course on Monday September 17th and runs through October 18th.
Club Training Coordinator Wally Frank WA3RWP greets the class.

The club was fortunate to be offered the classroom facility at the James/Bruton Volunteer Fire Station in Toano.  The room was coordinated by Michael Powers KN4KXO, a member of the club’s 2018 Technician licensing class.  The class gathers twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and the club VE exam session will conclude just in time for the October 20th VE session.  Note: the exam session is open to anyone wanting to take one or more exams and will be conducted at the same facility.
Six of the seven members of the class are graduates of the Technician class presented earlier this year.  Instructors for the class include Wally WA3RWP, Kerry NH2A, Marcus WB5LFS and Dino KL0S.