f you want to keep up with the latest news, reminders, and messages, follow this link to the WAARC web page. From here you can sign up for an account and join the group.

The club changed over from the Yahoo Groups system due to some problems we were having with the system. These are common problems reported by many other groups hosted on the Yahoo platform. The platform allows us to maintain a similar system to Yahoo, with a file and photo repository along with an email reflector.

Club meeting minutes and treasurer’s reports are posted to WAARC and archived there. Members are encouraged to read the reports before the meeting, so that they can be approved during the business portion of the meeting. E-mail notices are sent via when the files are available for viewing.

We also have a collection of photos from the many events the club takes part in throughout the year, as well as a collection of other files of interest to the ham community. Check back often, files and photos are updated regularly.