Colonial Williamsburg Special Event This Weekend

Saturday, July 1 is the annual Colonial Williamsburg Special Event station. Unfortunately, unlike previous years, we will not be able to hold it within Colonial Williamsburg. We will be at a park within the City of Williamsburg, just outside the historic area.

The location of the special event will be at Quarterpath Park, on Quarterpath Road in Williamsburg. This is just off York Street near Old City Barbeque, A map will follow at the bottom of the page. We are setting up near the playground within the park.

Setup is around 8:30am and we plan to be on the air by 10:00am. We will operate until about 4:00pm, weather permitting. Anyone is allowed to stop by and help with setup or operate the station.

Please note that we are not a part of the 13 Colonies Special Event that takes place at the same time.