Kenzie KO4GLN Presented with the Roanoke Division Service Award

This year’s Roanoke Division ARRL Service Award recipient is someone familiar to the club. Mackenzie Denton, KO4GLN, was announced as the 55th recipient of the award. This award is the highest and most prestigious recognition of an ARRL member operator within the Division’s four states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia who has shown consistent and extensive leadership.

Many of you are familiar with Kenzie’s efforts with re-establishing the Old Dominion University Amateur Radio Club, W4ODU. She is also the ARRL Youth Coordinator for the Virginia Section, and has made signific

ant efforts to promote amateur radio to younger people, most recently with the Boy Scout University event at ODU earlier this month. She is currently a sophomore pre-med student at ODU on top of all that.

This award was dev

eloped in 1969 by then-Roanoke Division Director Victor Clark, W4KFC, now SK. Vic intended that the award be presented in recognition for a long history of significant, consistent contribution to Amateur Radio. The ham selected would have, over the years, dedicated much of his or her time to Amateur Radio.

This past Wednesday Mackenzie was a featured guest on the ARRL Roanoke Division’s Town Hall meeting on YouTube, talking about how she got involved with amateur radio and how she works to promote amateur radio to youth and scouts. A recording of the meeting can be found at the following link: Roanoke Division Q1 2024 Town Hall ~LIVE~ (

While the presentation of the award will take place at Field Day by Dr Jim Boehner N2ZZ, the Roanoke Division director, please give a congratulations to Mackenzie the next time you see her or hear her on the air!