Month: May 2014

Rita’s New Vanity Call

Rita, formerly KM4AJG is now K1VXN. She is quite excited to use her new call sign and get on DX, as there was some confusion of my sign being K9 instead of KM4 when working HF. She asked me to

Weather Alerts on 76 Repeater

Just to clarify… The weather receiver on 76 will play alerts that are pertinent to the “area”. The area includes counties or cities within the typical range of 76 and where users are likely to be. So, as was the

Ham Radio story on Fox News

This is from a FOX correspondent in Georgia. Sort of short but ok for a “plug” on FOX I guess!

Jamestowne Event Wrap-up

On behalf of Tom (AJ4LM) thank you to all who made our event yesterday such a success. We made 168 contacts which makes this event one of the all time highs scores. The record is around 220 I think. We

Home Page Design Updated

Since we have the Jamestown Special Event coming this weekend, I have redone the front page of the web site to announce the event. I think this addresses one of the weaknesses the older design had, as well as makes

Tour de Chesapeake 2014

Keith, N4KDJ of the Middle Peninsula ARC has this information to pass along about the 2014 Tour de Chesapeake. I wanted to let the WAARC folks know that the Annual Tour de Chesapeake bike event will take place in Mathews

Pedal the Parkway 2014

Chris KC4CMR would like to thank everyone who participated in the Pedal the Parkway today. It was nice to have the event back again this year after it didn’t happen last year due to the government shutdown.  This was the

Historic Jamestown Special Event

Tom AJ4LM has confirmed with the Park Service that we are good to go for the annual Jamestown special event this year. It will be held on Saturday May 10. We plan to be on the air between 10AM-4PM, operating