Weather Alerts on 76 Repeater

Just to clarify…

The weather receiver on 76 will play alerts that are pertinent to the “area”.

The area includes counties or cities within the typical range of 76 and where users are likely to be.

So, as was the case this afternoon, 76 played an alert for counties and cities to our west as the storm cell moved thru.  One of those locations was Surry County, which 76 accepts alerts for.  However, that alert did not apply to Williamsburg or James City County.

Some of the check-ins during the Skywarn activation reported not getting the alert on home weather radios.

If your home weather receiver is only programmed to alert for James City County or Williamsburg, you would not have received the alert.  It’s understandable that you may not want to hear alerts for the non-immediate areas, but Surry is just across the river and weather does often move from west to east.

76 also alerts for Gloucester Co., York Co., and Newport News as well as Williamsburg City and JCC.

Thanks to N5MDL for keeping us informed and the group for being available and reporting this afternoon.

Please direct any questions you may have to Chris KC4CMR.