Pedal the Parkway 2014

Chris KC4CMR would like to thank everyone who participated in the Pedal the Parkway today.

It was nice to have the event back again this year after it didn’t happen last year due to the government shutdown.  This was the 16th year we provided communications for it.

Based on sign-ins, approximately 700 people rode the Parkway.  Wonderful weather and only a few bike mechanical problems, flats, etc.

Everyone did a great job on the radio support!  Additional hams came out and rode with family and signed on to the net too.   Special thanks to those who helped with bike repairs, I heard zip ties and first aid tape being used to get them back on the road!

The following members participated: AI4WU, K4MI, KF4WST, KI4SNN, K4TFJ, K4NOY, K1RQS, KM4AJG, AJ4XV, KK4WNQ, W4NYS, W4FAF, KK4VVG, KK4BMZ, N5VCU, KU4FO, AI4QQ, WG4F, N1LO, AF4QG, AA4AV, KL0S.

With KD5NVO, KK4TPI, KK4YVZ, and KD4NIV (who comes with family from the Richmond area
every year we’ve done it, with son KG4ZTD)

Also, Thanks to Dino for the map!

Some pictures from the event are posted below.