Jamestowne Event Wrap-up

On behalf of Tom (AJ4LM) thank you to all who made our event yesterday such a success. We made 168 contacts which makes this event one of the all time highs scores. The record is around 220 I think. We worked both 40 and 20 meters and had some active “pile-ups”.

Setup was finished in record time even with the strong breeze trying hard to squash our attempts to get ropes in the trees. The weather was mostly breezy and partly cloudy most of the day with moderate temps making for a very comfortable day.

Unfortunately the god of weather brought us some thunder storms around 3:00 and we hastily packed up and left just as the rain got to us.

We might have beat the record had we been able to stay on the air ’till 4:15 as usual.

All in all a great event. Thanks everyone. Also it was good to hear some of the locals on the air early in the day. Finally, thanks to those who “spotted” us, it really helps get the word out.