Tour de Chesapeake 2014

Keith, N4KDJ of the Middle Peninsula ARC has this information to pass along about the 2014 Tour de Chesapeake.

I wanted to let the WAARC folks know that the Annual Tour de Chesapeake bike event will take place in Mathews County on May 17th.  More information can be found on the event website,

Once again MPARC will provide the SAG vehicle support.  We have a great time and get a lot of wonderful appreciation and feedback from the riders.  Many of the SAG vehicles are running APRS and we’ll have 2 digis operating – the club’s call will be at the main location with an antenna up the flagpole and the other is at my QTH, N4KDJ-1, in Mobjack.  We will communicate via 2M using the MPARC repeater, 145.370.

Again this year there will be a boat (a deadrise) to bring cyclists from Williams Wharf across the river to the Mobjack route – this has been a fun attraction, but we’ll leave the SAG support for that segment to Sea Tow or BoatUS.

All in all it’s a great way to spend the day and Mathews is a wonderful place to explore (yes I’m biased).  There are 4 routes – the Gwynns Island route, New Point Comfort route, the Beach route, and the Mobjack route.  Taken all together the routes add up to 100 miles for those wanting to do a “century”.  We have detailed county maps that are highlighted with the routes for all of the SAG drivers.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and/or would like to help out.  NR4C has been involved for many years so you can check with him as well.


Keith Jones, N4KDJ
Mobile:  804-363-6811