2020 Officers Election Results

At the club meeting on January 14 WAARC held its annual election of officers. Congratulations to the new officers for 2020.

Officers for 2020, from left: Dino KL0S, Director At Large; Toby KL0SS, President; Dan WG4F, Secretary; Anita KH2FX, Vice President; Greg K3RM, Treasurer
  • President: Toby Papas KL0SS
  • Vice President: Anita Hofferth KH2FX
  • Secretary: Dan Ewart WG4F
  • Treasurer: Greg Pula K3RM
  • Director At Large: Dino Papas KL0S

A big thanks to the outgoing officers for their work over the past few years. Dino (President), Chuck AI4WU (Vice President) and Bill NR4C (Director At Large) have all helped to advance Amateur Radio in the Williamsburg community and the club appreciates their dedication.

Also, big thanks go to Cynthia K4CEF for her efforts in assembling a slate of officers for this year’s election. This was the first time in many years that there was a contested election for multiple positions. It would not have been possible without her work as the nominatio