Two Radio weekends in a row

We have had a busy couple of weeks with lots of radio activity. We had a very well attended Field Day 2022 on June 25-26 followed by our Colonial Williamsburg Special Event the next weekend, July 2, also well attended. There was lots of work, food, fellowship, and radio.

A record setting number came out to help setup, operate, log, coach, plan, and feed all of our team for Field Day. Overcoming several issues at the beginning of Field Day it was certainly a huge success just like many others in the past. Our satellite specialists led by Steve, KO4ENU, racked up satellite contacts for bonus points and QSO credit, and while not counting as a satellite QSO, there was a special rare DX contact with NA1SS, the Space Station! Our VE team provided testing opportunities and generated a new Technician and an upgraded General and several members presented educational activities. Our phone and CW operators raked in the QSO’s. Our Field Day chairman, Chuck, AI4WU, had created new displays for all to watch the contacts mount up with live map and score screens. Our food committee worked hard preparing all the meals to keep the team going strong.

Field Day can be exhausting but many members turned out the next weekend for the Colonial Williamsburg Special Event. This second of the three special events the club hosts each year always comes right after Field Day, but it is always a fun event. With setup, operation, and takedown happening within nine hours, it proved to be another great radio event with lots of conversations both among members and over the air.

Field Day and Colonial Williamsburg snapshots

 Field Day 2022
Field Day 2022
Colonial Williamsburg Event 2022