Successful test session

New Amateur Radio licenses were earned at the June test session. Some are shown here receiving their CSCE certificates.

(top) Dave McGinnis, Karen Eversole, (bottom) Loretta and Robert Venable, and Mike Poliski
(top) Mark Plumb, Matt Maney, (bottom) Bruce Burkett, and Mike Giblin all with Dino, KL0S

There were 14 people taking license tests at the June 4 VE session. Everyone passed at least one test. Congratulations to all.

New Technicians (call signs pending):Karen EversolRobert VenableLoretta VenableDavid McGinnisMichael StanleyDoug DompkowskiPatrick MacintoshMark PlumbMike PoliskNew Generals:Matt Maney (passed Technician and General!)Mike Giblin WS4BDNBruce Burkett KN4DRBMason Rumble KO4ROVNew Amateur Extra:Jim Sturm KO4GVM

Congratulations to Wally WA3RWP and his team of instructors. Many of the above examinees were students in either his Technician course or his General course, or in the case of Matt, both courses.

And thanks to all the VEs who helped make it a smooth session.

(photos from Wally, WA3RWP).