EFHW match Antenna Build-A-Thon

Jerome K8LF hosted an antenna-build-a-thon at the James City-Bruton Volunteer Fire Department on Saturday morning. He had put together 49:1 impedance transformer kits for end-fed halfway antennas. Five hams came with their kits and learned to wind primary and secondary windings on a toroid core. Christie KO4NCL, Fred KN4ZME, Bob AJ4RS, and Jack KY4EA wound their first transformers. Gil K4JST worked on rebuilding his 49:1 transformer that did not operate as intended at Field Day. He discovered he had an extra turn wound on the toroid that threw off his impedances and he decided to rewind it. All transformers were checked for proper function into a 50 ohm load and everyone walked away with a device that should work well with properly tuned end-fed halfway antennas.

Jerome K8LF, Kerry NH2A, and DJ KO4JPR helped everyone with their builds. Fred made the arrangements for the classroom and brought donuts(!). As we all know, any event goes better with donuts. Jerome brought a dozen as well to lock in success for everyone. Anita KH2FX, Thea KF4CJF, Ken KO4PQM and Mike KN4KXO and his XYL dropped by to observe and offer support.

By the time everyone finished around 1:30 many headed to the Colonial Williamsburg Special Event and finished the day there.

by NH2A