Two Upgraded licenses at Field Day setup

Donna, KD2FYX, Kerry, NH2A, and Moritz, K4MRZ

Congratulations to Moritz K4MRZ and Donna KD2FYX!

Moritz upgraded to Amateur Extra and Donna upgraded to General. What better way to start the Field Day weekend than doing it with upgraded licenses.

It wasn’t easy for them either. The exams were done after 17 of us finished putting up the antennas at Little Creek Reservoir Park for Field Day. 12 of the 17 happened to be VEs, so guess how many VEs were officially invigilating for 2 candidates? I’m sure neither felt the pressure of 12 sets of eyes on them. Each did a great job!

Who were those 12 VEs? Bob AJ4RS, Dan WG4F, Sparky KY4EA, Will K4MI, Gil K4JST, Jack KY4EA, Steve KO4ENU, Peter KN4UPM, Randy W4YSN, Patti KB4PAT, Fred KN4ZME, and moi, Kerry NH2A. Thank you all for sticking around after putting up the antennas and volunteering with this pop-up session. I wonder how many VEs it would take to change a light bulb?

Other non-VEs who helped and cheered and clapped after both earned their new tickets were Dave AJ4XV, Chuck AI4WU, Wally WA3RWP, Christie KO4NCL and Kenzie KO4GLN. I think Anita KH2FX and Mike W4NYY, Scott KE4WMF and Owen W4ONH were also around helping get those antennas in the air.

All in all it was a very productive and rewarding day.

Our next scheduled test session is Saturday, 24 July at the James City-Bruton Volunteer Fire Department at 09:00. Contact me via personal message to this post, email, or call if you would like to take a test before (hopefully) the new FCC license fee is implemented. The $35 test fee start date has still not been announced yet (as of this post on 25 June), so there’s still time.

Kerry. NH2A