New Table for Bill’s K4

On 5 January Bill NR4C completed building a desk table for his brand new Elecraft K4 radio. He designed the table, printed a CAD drawing of it, and created a lumber list. On Saturday, 4 January, after the record breaking WAARC breakfast get-together, Bill, Kerry NH2A, and Will K4MI went to a big box hardware store and bought all the supplies and lumber to build the table. It was all hauled over to Kerry’s QTH where the raw lumber was reduced to sawdust and finished wood pieces and assembled. Kerry, Will and Rob KK4R all dropped in over the two-day construction phase and helped out. By late Sunday afternoon Bill had himself a nice table that was then disassembled and loaded into his car for transport to his QTH. The only thing left to do after reassembly is a lacquer finish and a K4 radio. Elecraft has not started shipping them yet but when they do, Bill is ready.