NR4C’s Review of Yorktown 2019 special event

I want to thank all the people who ventured out in the magnificent weather conditions to help make our event at Yorktown a spectacular success this year.  We had a total was over 190 logged contacts with some contacts with BSA activities where we had QSOs with several Scouts each time.  Kudos to the brave ones who showed up early to fight the rising sun on the Parkway and the wet grass to setup the station and the ones who were there at tear down time at the end of the day.  And then a big hand for those who logged or operated during the day.

And, last but not least, the food committee who brought out drink and snacks and of course, Jay (KN4KXK) and Bill (WA4LMG) who treated us to homemade Banana Bread, and Strawberry Pie!
We were visited by a lot more of the many attendees to the celebration events downtown as they used the foot path to the monument for access.
And then there was Heather Trimble (K3HLT), a fifer in the “Old Guard Fife and Drum” from Ft. Meyer, VA.  She is also the President of the Mt. Vernon Amateur Radio Club. She has been with the “Guard” for 15 years after 4 years with Disney at EPCOT.  We got pictures of her on the radio with Will at the computer and again with Ed on the rig.
All in all, a great day.  Don’t miss this event next year! 
Bill. NR4C