VE Sessions of Oct 2019 a big sucess

The club’s VE testing sessions on October 21, 24 and 26 were a big success.  There were 19 candidates and 12 received new licenses with two of those passing both the Technician and General tests. There were 5 previous Technicians who upgraded to General. We’ll be welcoming the new Technicians as club members as well (Technician course attendees who pass their exam are given a one-year free club membership). Below are pictures of the candidates with their new CSCE forms along with their instructors (Kerry NH2A, Wally WA3RWP, Toby KL0SS and Dino KL0S). And then there is the paperwork, with VEs working on the stack!

The Sessions:
Thursday October 24 was a session specifically arranged for graduates of our recently concluded General and Technician License Courses. We had a good turnout of 11 candidates. The highlight of this session was everyone passed, including nine year old Solana Stevenson who practically aced her Technician exam. Pat Brass passed her Technician AND General. One more item of interest— three of the successful examinees, Randy, Mari Ann and Solana, represent three generations of hams in the same family. (This is one example of why being a VE is so rewarding for me.) Good job to all!

New Generals: Larry Muncy KN4UPJ, Pat Brass, Peter Brown KN4UPM, Randy Altona KM4YSN. New Technicians: William Stickney, William Robinson, Barbara Burris, Frederick Sanborn, Mari Ann Stevenson, Mark Brinkley, and Solana Stevenson (Pat Brass who went on to pass her General).  (not all photos in matching name order).

On Saturday October 26 we had a scheduled session that was attended by 5 examinees. Congratulations to Cynthia Frank K4CEF for passing her General.  Also, congrats to Mark Smiley (shown with Dino) who passed his Technician and then went on to easily pass his General. And finally congrats to John W. Neiland (shown with Kerry) for passing his Technician.

On Monday October 21 we held a special exam session for a few folks who were not going to be able to attend either of the two scheduled exam sessions. Congratulations to Tom Nickols KM4TNE for upgrading to General. Congrats are also in order to Ronald Kleiman and Kent Hammack for passing their Technician exam. We hope to hear both on the air as soon as the FCC assigns them their call signs. We were able to arrange this session on short notice because we are now field stocked and have the flexibility to conduct test sessions at our discretion.