VE Session May 20 a big success

The WAARC VE team conducted a very successful VE session with eight candidates earning all the way from brand new Technician to General and Extra upgrades. We had two walk-ins, one who passed the Technician and General exams and another who began with no license and walked out with his Extra Class! Thanks to the VE team for all their hard work and congratulations to all who moved up the ham ladder today!

Below (left to right top to bottom), First row: the new Extra class Amateurs Jay KN4KXK, Keith KN4CYB, Toby KL0SS, and Bill Thrift who has to wait for his call.  Second row: the new General class Amateurs, Joann KN4UPK with proud husband Vinny KX4HH, and Richard Sembari who passed the Technician and General class exams at one sitting. Third row: the new Technician class Amateurs Bob Shea from the recent class and two proud instructors (Kerry and Dino) and Veronica Svinicki and proud Dad Jerome K8LF.

And then there is Dino, KL0S the proud mentor with Toby, KL0SS/AE