Jamestown 2019 Special Event

The club held its annual Jamestown commemoration special event station today out on the island.  While celebrating the 412th anniversary of the first permanent English settlement in North America, the weather was perfect…well, at least up until 3:00 pm when the group shut down a bit early because of impending T-storms. The group made 133 contacts all up and down the east coast, and just about all of the 4 call district and some from the 8 and 9 call districts. Apologies to anyone we may have missed at the beginning. We had some technical difficulties on our end that we needed to solve. It is difficult to hear stations when you have band noise as strong as the signals you are trying to work!!

Here are some photos from the day: Jay KN4KXK enjoys getting a contact with Dino KL0S coaching and Kerry NH2A logging; Joyce KX4MK operates while Kerry NH2A supports her with logging duties; Dino KL0S operates with Kerry NH2A logging and Vinny KX4HH observing along with Karl (new Tech); Greg KN4KYJ operates with Kerry still logging and Ed K1NUH as coach; and Toby KL0SS taking a spin on the mic with Kerry logging and Ed helping. Others operated, logged, and helped with the setup and takedown or observed. Thanks to everyone who participated.