2016 Jamestown Special Event

On Saturday, May 14, WAARC will be on the air from Jamestown Island in commemoration of the 409th anniversary of the establishment of the first permanent English settlement in North America in 1607. This is one of three Special Event Stations that we set up every year.

In conjunction with the National Parks on the Air 2016, we will be activating the Jamestown National Historic Site. The designator for this park is AA14. We will upload the log to LoTW with this designator so anyone chasing the national parks can get credit for our activation.

We plan to be on the air from about 10am to 4pm. We intend to operate on 40M and 20M as conditions permit. Look for us around 7.262 and 14.262 +/- QRM. If you hear us on the air, give us a call!

If you are local to the area, you can find a map on the Map page.