First VE session of 2022. Steve KO4PQL upgrades to General

Congratulations to Steve KO4PQL for passing his General upgrade test with flying colors in our first VE session of 2022. I think he completed his test in near record-breaking time. He said that Don N4DJ has already been to his QTH surveying wire dipole antenna configurations. He also took a gander from the bay window at my inverted L set-up and it got him thinking some more about what kind of antenna to erect. We’re looking forward to hearing him on HF soon. (He also borrowed a VE Manual!)

Thanks to Cissy N4ZRW, Dan W4GF, Dave N4MW, and Anita KH2FX for volunteering to be the invigilators for this exam.

This test session was one of our mini exams. Steve contacted me last week and said he was ready to go. He asked to do it today at 13:00. Can do! We have 30 volunteer examiners on our team. It’s not hard to find 3 of them to volunteer for any particular date and time. I had 8 volunteers right away when I put out the call. My thanks (and apologies) to all who offered but weren’t selected.

When you are ready to upgrade, or you are ready to get your first license, give me a call. By the way, Steve studied on his own and knew the material inside and out.

Well done Steve!