VE test session success – new Extras and Generals

On Friday April 23, 2021 six hams took seats in the James City-Bruton Volunteer Fire Department’s social classroom to sit for upgrade exams. By the end of the session all six passed their test.

Robert, KN4UUT, Kenzie, KO4GLN, and Peter, KN4UPM with VE NH2A

Congratulations to Kenzie KO4GLN, Robert KN4UUT and Peter KN4UPM for passing their Amateur Extra exams.

And congratulations to Ron KN4ZLV, Donna KO4GLO, and John KO4MST for passing their General tickets. Ron, Donna and John are graduates of the club’s General Class course organized by Wally WA3RWP and Dino KL0S. Kenzie, Robert and Peter studied on their own. As hard as that is, Kenzie had the extra burden of also studying for her SAT exams.

Donna, KO4GLO, with VEs KM4YSN, KH2FX, and NH2A
Ron, KN4ZLV, with VEs NH2A and KY4DZ


Nine volunteer examiners proctored the exam: Randy KM4YSN, Fred KN4ZME, Mike W4NYY, Sparky KY4DZ, Dan WG4F, Jim AF4QG, Steve KO4ENU, Anita KH2FX, and Kerry NH2A.

This session also marked the first time in over a year that an exam session was held at the JC-Bruton VFD. The club was able to use this facility to conduct their license class courses as well as license test sessions until COVID shut everything down last year March.

In addition, a second testing session was held on Monday, April 26 as an additional opportunity for those from the recently completed licensing classes to take an exam. There were five examinees and all passed their tests.

Congratulations to these individuals who tested at the Monday session:

  • DJ KO4JPR for passing his Amateur Extra
  • Solana N4SOL and Mari Ann KD4SGC for passing their General
  • Don Murtaugh of Hanover Co. and Jamie Carver of Pensacola, FL for passing their Technician. Fingers are crossed that their new callsigns will be published in the next few days.

It appears that licensing is getting back on track.


Test session at Bruton Fire station