Club member awards for Route 66 event

WAARC President Toby Papas KLØSS recently presented awards to Wally Frank WA3RWP and Ed Kelly K1NUH for their high-scoring participation in the club’s competition during the recent nation wide Route 66 Special Event week. Stations were limited to a maximum of 100 Watts and all did very well and although no one got a clean sweep some came very close.

Toby, KL0SS, presents award to Wally, WA3RWP.
Toby, KL0SS, presents Ed, K1NUH his award.

Wally received the ARRL publication “Ham Radio for Arduino and PICAXE” for placing number one in the “been a ham for more than four years category”.

Ed came in 3rd place and chose the ARRL reproduction of the very first issue of QST back from December 1915.

Second place goes to Will Hrachovina K4MI who will receive his prize soon.

Francine Cicatiello, KN7YL, was the big winner in the less than four years as a ham category and will receive her prize soon as well, the special edition ARRL Tablet Sleeve.