Results from August 19 VE Session

The WAARC VE team held a VE session on Wednesday, August 19 at the Little Creek Reservoir Park picnic shelter. This allowed for plenty of distance between examinees and VEs, in compliance with COVID-19 recommended practices. It was a little dark and somewhat humid, but everything worked out well.

Congratulations to:

    • Technician Kenzie Denton, call sign pending, daughter of proud dad Steve KO4ENU
    • Technician Donna Ross, call sign pending, spouse of club treasurer Greg K3RM
    • Amateur Extra Fred “Third Time’s a Charm” Sanborn, KN4ZME
    • Amateur Extra Randy Altona, KM4YSN, spouse of Patti KB4PAT

The examination team was super. Francine KN4KXI, Gil K4JST, Bob AJ4RS, Anita KH2FX kept everything moving and running smoothly. They let me do all the talking. Thank you for doing a great job.

Greg and Steve are both VEs but we let them sit off to the side while they silently rooted for their family members to pass. Their support paid off, although looking at the scores, all aced their tests and would have easily passed whether or not they had a cheering section present.

And a hat tip to Patti. She had her trusty camera and took pictures of everyone, CSCEs and masks and all. We’re sure there was a lot of grinning under those masks.