June 20 VE Session a Big Success

While there was some concern about being able to hold a testing session on June 20, the VE team was able to conduct ham radio testing at the Waterman’s Museum in Yorktown. They have a wonderful facility that worked marvelously, and received great reviews from everyone that was there.

We had 12 candidates that came to test, with a total of 18 elements administered. There were 9 new hams, and overall 5 passed the technician test, 2 passed the general, and 4 passed the extra class test.

Most notably, we had one candidate that came in with nothing and passed all three exams, missing only one question among all three exams! Johnathan, from Mechanicsville came in prepared for all three exams and definitely aced them! A big congrats to Johnathan!

Another tradition was started in that Randy WB7URZ rang the bell outside the museum to announce when someone passed an exam! This was a nice touch and gave everyone recognition for their accomplishments.

A big thanks go out to Kerry, NH2A for his efforts in setting up the test session and preparing everything for Saturday. While he was not able to be there, the VEs that carried out the session appreciated his careful organization and effort to make things go smoothly.

Thanks also go out the the three VEs that administered the testing session. Mike W4NYY, Francine KN4KXI, and Will K4MI stepped up to run the session, as well as ensuring the tables were clean and sanitized for the examinees. With COVID-19 lingering in the community, keeping things safe and sanitary is very important to slow the spread of the virus.

Last but not least, thank you to Randy WB7URZ for making arrangements for holding the test session at the Waterman’s Museum. They have a great place outside that worked great for testing. Being under a large tent was very helpful, as there was rain partway through the session, but everyone stayed dry! There was also plenty of space to keep people at least 6 feet apart to accommodate proper distancing.

We look forward to hearing the new hams and those that upgraded on the air very soon!