2020 Jamestown Event a Big Success

K4CEF operates 40M SSB for K4RC event

Despite not being able to set up a special event station on Jamestown Island, WAARC’s distributed operators for our Jamestown Special Event were very successful. While celebrating the 413th anniversary of the first permanent English settlement in North America, we had a total of 14 distributed operators through the day, with 12 taking turns on 40M SSB, one on 20M SSB, and one on 40M CW and also SSB.

We have only had a CW station in addition to the main phone operation a few times over the years of this event. Our club member K4MI made a serious CW effort with 34 CW contacts in the log, so the effort was well worth it.

K4MI CW station

We made a total of 247 contacts for the event which is our second highest count for this short one day event in the past 16 years of data. With our scheduled operating times, we were able to have a few newer HF operators gain experience that will come in handy for our other special events in the Historic Triangle.

Look for our other two special event stations this year, on July 4 in Colonial Williamsburg, and October 17 at Yorktown.

NR4C on 40M SSB for K4RC


By K4MI and WG4F