Colonial Half Marathon support

The Colonial Half Marathon, 13 miles, was held this year in cold, but more favorable weather conditions than last year. WAARC operators were scattered around the course providing communication and keeping the event organizer up to date on the locations of the lead and trailing runners. Peter KN4UPM assisted with the extraction of a slightly injured runner. Last year one participant was determined to finish the race limping along in the freezing rain in skimpy running gear. The event dragged on until the runner cum walker heeded EMT advice and departed the course miles before the finish line. This year, the event organizer decided to end the event at 12:30 no matter how many were still on the course. But everyone had a good run and all runners finished by 11:00.

In addition to Chris KC4CMR as net control, Chuck AI4WU manned the Williamsburg EOC and advised of the need to take the injured runner off the course and alerted the event director via Michael K4MRO that emergency vehicles would be traversing the course en route to a call. Michael was our liaison with the event director. Dan WG4F and Mike W4NYY were bicycle mobile and kept all appraised of the position of the trailing runners. All the rest of us had static positions along the course.

Job well done by all WAARC participants:

Dave AJ4XV, Paul KI4SNN, LP W4LPD, Rob AJ4RS, Brian NI0P, Chuck AI4WU, Rick AK4MV, Greg K3RM, Ed K1NUH, Peter KN4UPM, Mike W4NYY, Dan WG4F, Michael K4MRO, Chris KC4CMR, and Kerry NH2A.