WAARC October meeting – something different

WAARC held its October meeting but changed things up a bit this month.  Hour of Power was dedicated to newcomers questions.  During that hour we were able to greet three new prospective club members who are already hams living in the area and decided to join the fun.  We had two discussion notes regarding the upcoming October 19th Jamboree On The Air event in support of the Scouts and the simultaneous Yorktown Battlefield special event station also scheduled for that weekend.  We then began our ten “Subject Matter Expert” stations set up around the room and let the group rotate to areas that interested them and everyone took advantage of the refreshments nicely provided by Thea KF4CJQ, one of our Food Committee members.
Here’s a list of the topics around the room, the folks who manned their tables and some pictures.  The venue was such a success that the club will consider repeating this style meeting next year.
1.  Antennas in a HOA environment and antennas in the attic – Wally WA4RWP and John AI4QQ
2.  Digital Voice Systems (DRM, Fusion, Hot Spots) – Jerome K8LF and Will K4MI
3.  Learning CW – Don N4DJ
4.  How to Sign Up for and operate in Logbook of the World – Dan WG4F
5.  HF Wire Antennas  (OCF, fan dipoles, K9AY Loops etc.) – Bill NR4C
6.  YL Group (planning for net operation, topics and outings) – Joyce KX4MK
7.  Upgrading Your Licenses (study techniques, available ham programs) – Ed K1NUH and Francine KN4KX
8.  Homebrewing/Test Equipment – Dino KL0S
9.  Boat Anchor Radios – Kerry NH2A
10.  KB4ZIN Repeaters and Community Support Activities/ARES – Chris KC4CMR