Ford F-150 NMO antenna mount

Brian, NI0P, recently installed a really neat NMO style VHF/UHF antenna mount on his Ford F-150 pickup.  The “BulletProofDiesel” company sells a aftermarket third brake light bracket that fits between the cab rear light assembly and the body of the truck’s cab roof.  It took about 30 minutes to install and sweeping it with an antenna analyzer showed a great match on both 146 and 446MHz and the mount looks professionally installed.  Brian says the company that makes the mount for several different vehicles must be a ham – the coax between the mount and radio is from DXEngineering!
The mounts are pricey…really pricey!  But it’s one of the neatest low profile, small impact on the vehicle solutions out there.  Check them out at; just search for “antenna mount” on their site.