The Ham Radio Open House tour from N4MW and N4ZRW

Dave and Cissy Meier, N4MW and N4ZRW, recently invited club members to their home in New Kent for a “Ham Radio Open House”. Dave displayed for the group his extensive boat anchor radio equipment sets along with his sizable code practice oscillator collection. He also let us tour his super workshop where things from “D.C. to daylight” can be built and/or repaired. Here are just a few pictures of their true “ham radio house”. Dave has his own web site where you can also enjoy a further trip down ham radio memory lane ( Dave and Cissy were wonderful hosts and the large group who visited greatly appreciated their generous hospitality. If you missed it, here are some photos.

Dave N4MW shows visitors one of his boat anchor radio benches along with only a small fraction of his code practice oscillator collection.
close up of just a part of Dave’s extensive CPO collection.
Spectrum and Network analyzers, signal generators along with a service monitor allow Dave to work on just about any type of ham radio equipment.
Here’s only part of Dave’s extensive workbench and test equipment array.
The workbench tour continues with admiring guests Bill NR4C and Chuck AI4WU.
Dave’s “nostalgia station” is dedicated to reproducing his early days in ham radio
Dave’s XYL Cissy N4ZRW has another hobby as well, embroidery. Her “workshop” is as well equipped as Dave’s ham radio bench with a very capable automatic embroidery machine. Cissy was instrumental earlier this year creating the first embroidered mockup of our new WAARC logo patch allowing the Board of Directors to do the final fine tuning on its design before commercial full scale production began.