Yorktown 2018 event report

The day looked dismal, cold and overcast with high chance of rain. Chuck, Ed and Bill arrived shortly after 7:30 AM and began to setup the station. The first task, set up a shelter to go to if it started to rain! Once this was accomplished, Bill preceded to set up the radio and computer. This went smoothly as he had done this a “few” times before.

In the mean time, Ed and Chuck began putting the antenna ropes in the trees. This went according to plan and Chuck was pleased that his new real worked well. They soon had ropes up and began unreeling the antenna, which was a bit confusing since the last time it was used, it was wound on the reel backwards, but this was quickly overcome. For future ref, this antenna should be wound onto the reel, long end on first, short end + twin-lead out. About this time. Dave Shantz and Bill Smith arrived. The batteries were dragged over and we began to get the station ready to operate.

About 9:45, Bill sat down at the radio with Big Ed on the computer and we got on the air. We made a total of 178 contacts over 6 hours and forty-seven minutes of on time. We were visited by a few passers-by including a woman about my age who, in the 1950’s was the youngest YL licensed in Florida. Again we locked on a 40 meter frequency and held it all day long.

This same weekend was Boy Scouts Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) and we did work a number of scout events allowing Boy Scouts to get on the air and chat with us for a few minutes each. We also had a lot of visitors from the NY QSO Party.

We had a great day on this event this year, even with the rain and dampness. During the day, other club members dropped by to help out or just to chat.. Operators* were Bill NR4C, Dave AJ4XV, Chuck AI4WU, Ed K1NUH, Will K4MI, John AI4QQ and Rob KK4R. Several sat in the logger chair including: Ed K1NUH, Dave AJ4XV, Bill WA4LMG, Chuck AI4WU, John AI4QQ.

*(we did a terrible job of keeping the log updated with operator calls! If I missed anyone, it was not intentional and I apologize,)

Visitors included Michael K4MRO/AG, Kerry NH2A and Anita KH2FX, Jay KN4KXK/AG (note the two, fresh from the exam, sparkling new Generals). And, Jay didn’t come empty handed, she brought fresh baked “Sticky” Buns for us to enjoy, Jay certainly ranks right up there with Mrs. Kelly (Field Day Cookies) for a “WAARC BAKING MERIT BADGE”!

*TOP Picture shows Dave logging, Rob on the radio and Jay looking on taking everything in.. Jay just passed her General exam and was full of questions.

*BOTTOM Picture has Bill Smith, Will and Chuck in our second shelter having just enjoyed one of Jay’s “Sticky” Buns,

…bill. NR4C