NR4C has a new test bench


September 1, 2018> Over the past year, Bill (NR4C) and Will (K4MI) have been working to clean-up and organize Bill’s radio room. Previously it was really a “shack” with stuff everywhere. The room suffered from s severe case of FTS (Flat Top Syndrome) in which any flat surface gathers anything that will lie still. This includes tables, chairs, and floor!

During the last winter, Bill suffered renal Failure and was not able to do a whole lot of lifting and carrying. Will offered to help and became Bill’s arms and legs. Together, they threw away seemingly tons of trash, boxes and ‘junk’ and re-arranged the furniture to make some room to operate.

During the summer, Kerry (NH2A) offered to build some shelf units that would allow the test equipment to be better utilized. These were delivered in early August and Bill proceeded to prime and paint them. Finally, on
September 1st, Chuck(AI4WU) stopped by and helped put the last shelf unit in place and arrange the equipment. there is still a bit of fine tuning to be done, but the major work is done.

A side benefit of this action was to use the older shelf for a bit more organization on the “Building Bench” across the room. The radio bench is still a “work in progress” but Bill is hopeful that this will be accomplished before the end of the year.


Here you can see the line-up of gear. This is certainly not the low- cost bench of Dino’s recent meeting program, but it is not the match for Dino’s bench either. But it does offer some nice items and a few unique items such as the RF Power Meter in upper right and the DC LOAD at bottom left. The inset photo of the new Weller WE1010 soldering station provides a temp controlled station on both benches.

Below, is a view of the Building Bench with shelf unit and the infamous WAARC Circuit Board Holder.


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