Dino’s latest test equipment

WAARC President Dino KL0S recently received his latest test equipment toy – a trinocular stereo microscope that he’ll use for really small soldering work and inspection. The scope will make it much easier to find thin cracks in solder joints and PCB traces. The system includes a 1080P HDMI camera that allows for picture and video recording. You can see the video display of what is seen through the eyepieces on the video monitor. The included 0.5x objective lens allows for a “working distance” of almost 8” which keeps the lenses far enough from the project to allow for soldering without interference. You may also be able to see the outline of a fingerprint on the display of the ruler being observed which gives you a feeling for the resolving power of the microscope. Dino purchased the scope from a seller in Hong Kong via the AliExpress company web site.