2018 Colonial Williamsburg Special Event

Saturday July 7th is our second special event of the year. K4RC will be on the air from 10AM-4PM commemorating the 242nd anniversary of Independence Day in the United States.

The group will meet for Breakfast at 7am at Capitol Pancake House (802 Capitol Landing Rd). From there we will proceed to the William Randolph house for set-up. Members are encouraged to come setup, operate and tear down the station. Come for any part or all day.

If you are trying to work K4RC from home, we will be operating on 40M in the morning, around 7.265 MHz +/- QRM, and possibly switching to 20M around 14.265 +/- QRM if band conditions permit. Look for K4RC on your favorite spotting cluster to see where we are.

Directions to William Randolph House: On Lafayette St turn on to Botetourt St and proceed 1 block to Franklin St and turn left. Parking is in the lot on the right. Walk along the path to E Nicholson St to the William Randolph House (should be easy to spot with the antenna in the trees)