2018 Jamestown Special Event Results

On Saturday May 12 the club set up its special event station at Jamestown Island in commemoration of the 411th anniversary of Landing Day. It was a nice, but warm day; great weather to be out operating a special event station.

Set-up went pretty well. The club used a new OCF (off-center fed) dipole and balun constructed by Bill NR4C and Chuck AI4WU. The station was on the air ready to make contacts around 9:30am. The only issue was trying to figure out why the brightness of the laptop screen was not adjusting correctly. This was solved after the event, though it caused operators and loggers a lot of frustration. We sincerely apologize to those that operated the station for this technical issue.

The bands were not in the greatest of shape, however that did not prevent us from making a bunch of contacts. The total was 221 when we had to start shutting down at 4:30pm. We only operated on 40M, and had lots of good signal reports from up and down the east coast as well as into the midwest. Not bad for the first time using the new antenna!

All contacts will be uploaded to LoTW, and you can request a QSL card from the club’s QSL Manager.

Please look out for us in July at Colonial Williamsburg and October at Yorktown. Info about these events will be posted on the club’s web site and will also appear in the July and October editions of QST.