March 2018 VE Session Results

From Mike, W4NYY

We had our Spring VE session Saturday morning and it went very well.  Before getting into the particulars, I want to thank the following VE’s and those who are not VE’s that lent a hand:  Wally WA3RWP for putting the class together and securing the facility, Kerry NH2A, Ted W3TB, Vince KX4HH, Dan WG4F, Willy K4MI and there was one other Ham who helped but for the life of me I don’t know his name or his call.  So to him please forgive me and my brain fart.

We served a total of 18 candidates and gave a total of 27 different tests to the 18.  We had 12 from the Technician class and 6 “walk-ins”. 15 passed the technician portion and 3 passed the General.  We had 2 attempted upgrades but they did not earn the upgrade.  I am very happy to report that all 12 of our Technician Class students passed at least the Technician portion and 2 of passed the General!  Great job to Wally and the other professors. This was the largest group we have served during my tenure as VE liaison. I think overall it went very efficiently with a few hiccups on my part.  I need to watch how I use the paper clips, they have a tendency to do whatever they want.  Again thanks to all who participated.