Builders’ Group Starting Again

As announced at the club meeting,  the WAARC Builders Group will begin a fall session starting on Saturday September 13th and will meet bi-weekly for 4-6 sessions depending on interest.

For those of you who are new builders or weren’t able to participate during our 2013 sessions the club’s Builders Group meets bi-weekly at the QTH of Dino KL0S on Saturday mornings beginning at 10:00 a.m. and lasts until the last tired soul walks out the door (realistically by around 1 p.m. based on experience). His garage area which is well lighted and is a conditioned space, and has tables, chairs, magnified table lighting, extension cords to power the equipment you bring along to use, and refreshments. A workbench is just upstairs from the garage and available for any more advanced construction or troubleshooting that may be required for your project.

You can see a short video of one of our previous sessions here (thanks to Don N4DJ)

More information about the builders’ group can be found here.

If you’re interested please send an e-mail directly to Dino KL0S so he can gather a list of folks and plan accordingly; I’ll set up a separate e-mail address group for Builders. Anyone interested in just stopping by to see what folks are building is welcome to do so – but be prepared for the building bug to bite you too!

CU in September!