Web Site Updates

I hope everyone enjoyed the Club Picnic tonight. Although it was rather muggy, it was nice to get to enjoy ham radio and food at our new Field Day site.

A few weeks ago a suggestion was made to add a map of popular breakfast locations to the web site to assist new members and guests with finding the restaurants. I have implemented this suggestion, and taken it one step further. I created a new page, under the events tab that lists the popular restaurants for breakfast, along with a map.

In addition, I have created a map that shows these locations, along with the library and the new Field Day site. This is on the new Map page, listed on the main navigation bar.

Finally, I have revised the calendar on the Events page and fixed some issues with events not keeping the information I added. I am doing my best to match it up with the Yahoo calendar, to allow for the most continuity possible. This also provides a way to view the calendar on a mobile device, as it is no longer as easy to get to Yahoo groups in mobile browsers.

Please check out these changes, and let me know what you think. As always, keep me informed if you find things that need revision, or other suggestions that would make the site better.