New Club Picnic Site

We have a new Field Day site and location for the June Meeting/Picnic, as the Brickyard site we have used for years is being developed for residential sites.

Included with this post are directions and an aerial map — our thanks to George K2QIJ for putting it together.  There are signs on the road going out from the Toano Firehouse and on Lakeside Road for the entrance to the Little Creek Reservoir Park.

Picnic on June 10th:  Rick AK4MV, our Vice President is coordinating the Picnic.  The question will arise about whether to bring any food contributions, and would that answer every be anything but “YES!”  Please be talking with Rick about that, and the best answers are side dishes and desserts.

Field Day on June 28/29:  We have the location reserved for the whole weekend.  K4TFJ is coordinating the food for Field Day, and he can always use some good additions from people who bring something more.  Some preliminary antenna work will be done late Friday afternoon, and the main project will come together on the Saturday Morning.  The Field Day operation runs starting at 2:00 PM on Saturday and runs 24 hours.  There will be separate CW and SSB stations with a GOTA station as well.

As this is a county park (and this is IMPORTANT for our goodwill and future use of the Park):  The county prohibits alcoholic beverages there.  Everybody please get the word about this so that it does not become an issue at the Park.  Yes, leave the beer at home.  Important that we get this right to keep our welcome open for future use.

Have fun, everybody!  We will find that this is a great location for K4RC.

Directions to the Field Day site