WAARC members like to meet for breakfast, not only because hams like to eat, but also to discuss ham radio projects and activities. Club members tend to gather for breakfast each Saturday. We rotate among several restaurants in the local area; the location is announced on the club’s email reflector, and is also displayed on the calendar (temporarily offline). You can also listen on the 146.760 (- offset) repeater on Saturday mornings; anyone going to breakfast can give you guidance for where breakfast is that day.  Feel free to come out and join us.

Members of the club gathering for breakfast at one of the local restaurants.
Members of the club gathering for breakfast at one of the local restaurants.

In addition, some members like to meet up at other times to have breakfast. Please monitor the reflector for information about other times club members meet for breakfast.

Breakfast Locations

Here is a list of popular locations for breakfast, along with address information for reference. Click on the link for a map.

  • Sandy’s Pancake and Waffle House: 2005 Richmond Road, Williamsburg (map)
    • First Saturday of Even number months
  • Capitol Pancake House: 802 Capitol Landing Road, Williamsburg (map)
    • First Saturday of Odd number months
  • Not Another Pancake House, 1803 Richmond Road, Williamsburg (map)
    • Second Saturday of each month
  • National Pancake House: 7103 Pocahontas Trail (Route 60 East), Williamsburg (map)
    • Third Saturday of each month
  • Sandy’s II Lightfoot, 6495 Richmond Road, Lightfoot (map)
    • Fourth Saturday of each month
  • Victoria’s Restaurant: 5269 John Tyler Highway (Williamsburg Crossing S/C), Williamsburg (map)
    • Fifth Saturday of a month
  • Astronomical Pancake House: 5437 Richmond Road, Williamsburg (map)
  • Jimmy’s Oven and Grill: 7201 Richmond Road, Norge (map)