The Williamsburg Area Amateur Radio Club holds testing sessions several times a year. Tests are offered for all levels of amateur licenses (Technician, General, and Amateur Extra.)

VEs assisting candidates with paperwork prior to the start of testing.

The next testing session is scheduled for August 17, 2019 at 09:00 AM at the James City-Bruton Volunteer Fire Station at 3135 Forge Road, Toano, VA 23168. Directions can be found at the bottom of this page along with a map. The session is open to walk-ins. Please send any questions or comments to

Please bring:
  1. A government issued picture ID
  2. Your Social Security Number (SSN) or PREFERABLY your Federal Registration Number (FRN)  (Click the link to jump to the FCC web page where you can register for your FRN if you do not have one)
  3. A copy of your current FCC license if you are already licensed and you will be sitting for an upgrade
  4. An original and a copy of any CSCE you may have recently received if the upgrade is not reflected on you current license
  5. Two pencils and a pen (pencils for filling out the answers, a pen for filling out the Form 605)
  6. A simple calculator (smart phone type devices, including watches and other devices that have memories, will not be permitted)
  7. $15 examination fee. A check is preferred, made payable to ARRL-VEC.

After successfully completing an exam candidates may continue upgrading for the same $15 fee at this session only. If a candidate fails an exam, it may be retaken for an additional $15 exam fee. Exams must be taken in the order of license class progression–Technician, General and finally Amateur Extra.

***PLEASE PARK IN THE REAR PARKING LOT of the fire station***

DIRECTIONS: From Williamsburg, take Route 60 (Richmond Road) toward Richmond (West) past Norge and as you get into Toano, there will be a grassy median in the road.  As the road begins a strong curve to the right, turn LEFT onto Forge Rd (just before the Farmer’s Market).  The Fire Station is immediately on your left.  The testing area is on the right side of the building in the Roanoke Classroom.

Map to James City-Bruton Fire Station: