Month: April 2018

Builders’ Group QST Article

Dino KL0S wrote an article about the builders’ group for QST several years ago. The article was published in the February 2015 issue, and you can view it here: Ham Radio Makerspace. While the spring sessions of the builders’ group

April 2018 WAARC Meeting

The April 2018 WAARC club meeting had lots going on. The “HOP” “Hour of Power” hour before the general monthly meeting this month gave new Hams an opportunity to ask questions and get comments from “older” Hams. It was good

CERT Licensed Radio Session March 2018

WAARC Technician licensing class graduates were issued JCC Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program hand held two-meter transceivers at a ceremony on Friday March 30, 2018.  Chris Courson KC4CMR, the JCC Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) Emergency Coordinator, provided eligible

Technician class awards