2015 Officers

With the new year comes an election. At the January club meeting the club elected new officers for 2015. Some are new to their jobs, while others have chosen to take on their existing role for another year.

The club would like to thank Rick Garfield AK4MV for his service as Vice President in 2014. He helped put together a great set of programs at club meetings last year, and did a great job organizing the annual club picnic.

The club would also like to thank Jim AF4QG for organizing the raffles during the club meetings in 2014. He did a good job putting together a nice collection of ham radio prizes, but is not interested in continuing in this role in 2015.

Here is the list of officers for 2015:

  • President: Bobby Hall N5VCU
  • Vice-President: Bob Sodorsky W4NYS
  • Tresuary: Ted Edwards W3TB
  • Secretary: Dan Ewart WG4F
  • Director: John AI4QQ

Congratulations to the 2015 WAARC officers!